offering various canine breeds ready to learn everything
They need to assist law enforcement teams.

Our reputation is growing fast because of the success of our canines and their handlers. We understand what the demand will be when they return to work and that is why we offer only police canines for sale that are strong dogs with superior drive. We have a trusted relationship with selected sellers in Europe which allows me to select and offer canines that are just as superior then any other kennel. Our canines we have provided work for local police agencies up to the federal level to include TSA, FBI, overseas government security contractors and US Military Special Operations. 

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About Our Dogs

Learn how we select only the best breeds suited for the job.

The canine selection process we use is strict and specific to what we would want to handle ourselves on the road. We know not every dog will work and thats why we spend a great deal of time selecting only quality dogs. Canines that are selected will be tested in many environments such as: dark rooms, slick floors, large crowds, high level stair casings. With our selected police canines for sale we are very confident that we will meet or exceed any departments needs. There is always police dogs in training that are for sale for agencies wanting to select new dogs.

Full Veterinary Check

Warranty Offered on All Dogs

Replacements Offered when Issues Occur

No Odor Training (Pre-trained dogs may have various levels of odor training)

Unlimited Monthly Maintenance Training(With the purchase of a police canine and class)

Imported from Europe (Unless otherwise stated)

Dogs BreedS Available

Learn more about the types of breeds we offer.

Belgian Malinois

Temperament: Confident, Smart, Hardworking

Smart, confident and versatile. Belgian Malinois are known the world over as hard workers, forging unbreakable bonds with their human partners.

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Dutch Shepherd

Temperament: Intelligent, Lively, Athletic

Dutch Shepherds are known for their great herding instinct and peak physical performance. Originally bred for sheep herding, it could run all day if it really wanted to.

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German Shepherd

Temperament: Confident, Courageous, Smart

Considered the jack-of-all-trades of dog breeds. Their intelligence is only matched by their sheer confidence and courage.

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Sporting Breeds

Temperament: Varied

We also sell a number of sporting breeds such as labs, border collies and more. Each of our sporting breeds has their own special trait they can bring to your police work.

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What Clients Have to Say

Kind words from some of the various organizations Tri-State Canine Services has worked with.

  • After stumbling in the beginning with another trainer, Tri-State Canine Services did an evaluation of K9 Faith and myself, Dave was able to help us to become a great team. Tri-State Canine Service provides a very professional service. I still ask Dave for pointers, guidance, and advice as K9 Faith and I try to better ourselves as a team. I am happy to call Dave and Shelly my mentors and great friends!
    N. Rob Minter Narcotics K-9 Detective, Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky Airport Police Department
  • Tri-State K9 has supplied Weirton Police(WV) with 4 dual and 1 single purpose K9’s. These teams have been certified through OPOTA and WVPCA. The teams always pass with ease and excel in scenario based training. We will continue to use Tri-State K9 because of their excellent customer service, K9s, and training.
    Lt. Scott Cook Weirton Police Dept. WV
  • The San Juan Police Department in Puerto Rico is very satisfied with the work of Tri-State Canine Services. Our canine unit was just recently created and their assistance in training our staff has been extremely vital in properly managing our operations. He has established a feeling of brotherhood, despite our location and language barriers. His commitment to our K9 unit has gone beyond just selling good dogs.
    Sgt. A. Rosa 5-919 San Juan Police Department, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • I went to Tri-State Canine for a new Explosive/Patrol K9. I left with an awesome new partner (Kai) and new friends for life (Dave and Shelly). They take care of you like family while you are there and offer so much more than solid K9 training.
    Sgt. Matt Cousins Bristol Police Dept. Tennessee

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