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Providing police canines and handler training courses to law enforcement and private security contractors since 2001.

Tri-State Canine Services is owned and operated by Dave Blosser, a retired police canine handler in Northeast Ohio. Dave started his career with canines as a sports dog enthusiast in 1993. During that time, Dave became very involved with local law enforcement agencies in his surrounding area and served as a decoy during their monthly training. In 2001 Tri-State Canine Services was established after seeing many agencies receive low quality police canines. Dave knew his canines and training showed more superior than those kennels. This was proven in numerous police k9 competitions when Dave was selected as the only civilian competitor.  Tri-State’s dogs placed from 4th to 1st among local and federal agencies in narcotic and explosive detection. Since then, Dave has been contracted as a guest instructor with other companies to oversee their training classes which involved new handlers, utilizing canines for Explosives, Narcotics, Cadaver and Patrol. Some of these students were with local police agencies, US Contractors and NSA.

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Tri-State Canine has helped supply agencies with numerous canines and was the first company to establish a drug dog for the FBI in San Juan Puerto Rico. They continue to use Dave and his company today for additional canines. Tri-State Canine Services has helped local military for Presidential K9 sweeps and assists local shopping centers for K9 Deterrent Sweeps. Tri-State Canine has the knowledge and resources to assist any agency or facility needing canines. They offer onsite training at their 8,000 sq foot indoor facility. This location covers every aspect of canine training to assure students get plenty of hands on experience. Our off-site training allows students experience real life scenarios so they know what they may encounter when they return to duty. Our clients from across the United States shows testament that our training and canines is quality! We guarantee that the new student will be as successful as the last one we trained. 

Dave Blosser


Dave Blosser has received canine certifications through many canine schools in the US and has studied under top KNPV trainers while visiting Europe. His company is certified through Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy, Ohio Pharmacy (OPOTA), Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA) and Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

He has certified his canines through Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy, North American Police Work Dog Association and American Working Dog, of which he has held memberships.  

Prior to his career in police work, Dave served as a member to sport dog clubs where he trained for the European dog sport, Schutzhund.  The foundation and training he gained is what sets his experience apart from today’s typical police K-9 trainers. With the reputation gained he soon assisted many police agencies in school searches or called out to assist in locating evidence. Since 2001 he continues to oversea their monthly in-service K-9 training.

Dave has competed in Police Canine Competitions taking 1st place. He has contracted under leading US K-9 contractors where he assisted in overseeing their canines and student training. These students included handlers for NSA, Military, Special OPS, and US contractors.

At Tri-State Canine Services, Dave’s diverse experience allows K-9 handlers hands on training from one of the best in the business.  He will guide handlers and their agency on selecting the best dog, Dave will continue to assist you personally long after the sale and your training is complete.  

Tri-State Canine is known for its commitment to quality canines and their attention to detail in their training, why else would the FBI select us to provide their first narcotic detection dogs. Handlers have a long relationship after training and know they can contact us 24 hours a day if a problem should arise. If it is found a problem cannot be resolved over the phone Dave will see that additional training is covered to resolve the problem whether its dog or handler.


2007-2015, Fowler Police Dept. 

K9 Handler, Conduct police duties with canine support. Assist many outside agencies with canine support. Conduct various canine demos to the public.

2010- 2021, Weathersfield Police Dept.

K9 Handler, General Law enforcement duties with canine support. Assist many outside agencies with canine support. Conduct various canine demos to the public.

2001- Present, Tri-State Canine Services

Owner of police canine training facility. Conduct training in law enforcement canine duties. Specialize in tracking, apprehension and detection. Provide single and dual purpose canines with supervisor and trainers course. ATF, DEA, OPOTA and Ohio Pharmacy Licensed. Trained canines and instructed handlers for FBI, NSA and overseas government contractors for narcotics, cadaver and explosive detection. Oversee and conduct monthly in-service canine training to multiple police agencies.


  • 1997- Search Dog and Human Recovery Instruction
  • 1999- Cadaver Instruction
  • 2000- UT Medical Center- Cadaver Detection Instruction
  • 2001- Patrol and detection instruction
  • 2002- Patrol and detection dog imprinting
  • 2005- Law Enforcement Academy


  • 1998- Schutzhund BH Title 
  • 2002- 1st Civilian to compete in the Muncie Police K9 Olympics. 
  • 2003- Judge Ohio Police and Fire Game K9 Section.
  • 2003- 1st Place Narcotic Detection as a civilian in the Muncie Police K9 Olympics
  • 2004- 2nd Place Narcotic Detection as a civilian in the Muncie Police K9 Olympics
  • 2004- Trained 1st drug dog Erie Twp. Michigan
  • 2005- Initiated Drug Detection Dog Program Edinboro University, Pennsylvania
  • 2005- Train and instruct 1st Cadaver Dogs and handlers deployed overseas by US contractor.
  • 2005- Train and provide Explosive Detection Dogs used by overseas US contractor 
  • 2005- 4th Place Explosive Detection as a civilian in the Muncie Police K9 Olympics
  • 2006- Received US Flag flown in Mosul, Iraq (Diamondback) for our support as a K9 vendor.  
  • 2009- Provided Explosive Detection support for President Obama visit at Vienna Airbase
  • 2009- Trained and Instructed 1st disaster recovery dogs for San Juan City,- Puerto Rico 
  • 2010- Initiated FBI Drug Dog Program, Puerto Rico
  • 2010- Initiated San Juan City Puerto Rico Dual Purpose K9 Program
  • 2010- Initiated San Juan City Puerto Rico Weapons Detection Program
  • 2010- Initiated Police Dog Program Campbell City, Ohio 
  • 2011- Provide FBI Drug Detection Dogs, Puerto Rico
  • 2012- Initiated Explosive Detection Dog Program San Juan City, Puerto Rico
  • 2012- Provide Explosive Detection support for Presidential visit, Vienna Airbase
  • 2013- Initiated Police Dog Program for Bridgeport , Ohio
  • 2013- Provide Explosive Detection Dogs for New Mexico State University
  • 2014- Supervised and assisted in Explosive Detection support for Vienna  Airbase Air show
  • 2014- Initiated Police Dog Program for Steubenville, Ohio
  • 2014- Initiated Police Dog Program for Dover, Ohio
  • 2014- Provided 1st canines for Police Dog Program for Brantford, Canada
  • 2015- Selected as new vendor for Weirton Police Dept WV. Implemented 4 new dual dogs.
  • 2016- K9 Instructor: TSA Multi Agency Training Seminar. Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 2016- K9 Judge- AWD and Vohne Liche Kennels Police K9 Olympics. Denver, Indiana
  • 2017- K9 Instructor, TSA Multi- Agency Training Seminar. Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 2017- K9 Judge: American Working Dog, Vohne Liche Kennels Police and Military Olympics. Denver, Indiana
  • 2017- Provided new drug dog for FBI in San Juan Puerto Rico
  • 2018- K9 Instructor, TSA Multi- Agency Training Seminar. Indianapolis, Indiana
  • 2018- Initiated Police Dog Program for Orange County Sheriff Dept. Vermont
  • 2019- ERT class w/USSS
  • 2020- Retired from Weathersfield Twp Police

We are certified by the following organizations:

Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Ohio Attorney General Police Officer Training Academy State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy U.S. Justice Department Drug Enforcement Administration

Proven Results through Our Training

During your instructional course you will get to experience various training areas locally and abroad. Our 8,000 square feet indoor training facility covers training in rooms, vehicles and other street like environments. We train to work in real life environments both daytime and night time hours. We want to make the education as close to reality as possible so you are fully prepared for the real work when you return home. When you return home for duty, you will be successful ... just like all of our past students have been.

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What Clients Have to Say

Kind words from some of the various organizations Tri-State Canine Services has worked with.

  • After stumbling in the beginning with another trainer, Tri-State Canine Services did an evaluation of K9 Faith and myself, Dave was able to help us to become a great team. Tri-State Canine Service provides a very professional service. I still ask Dave for pointers, guidance, and advice as K9 Faith and I try to better ourselves as a team. I am happy to call Dave and Shelly my mentors and great friends!
    N. Rob Minter Narcotics K-9 Detective, Cincinnati - Northern Kentucky Airport Police Department
  • Tri-State K9 has supplied Weirton Police(WV) with 4 dual and 1 single purpose K9’s. These teams have been certified through OPOTA and WVPCA. The teams always pass with ease and excel in scenario based training. We will continue to use Tri-State K9 because of their excellent customer service, K9s, and training.
    Lt. Scott Cook Weirton Police Dept. WV
  • The San Juan Police Department in Puerto Rico is very satisfied with the work of Tri-State Canine Services. Our canine unit was just recently created and their assistance in training our staff has been extremely vital in properly managing our operations. He has established a feeling of brotherhood, despite our location and language barriers. His commitment to our K9 unit has gone beyond just selling good dogs.
    Sgt. A. Rosa 5-919 San Juan Police Department, San Juan, Puerto Rico
  • I went to Tri-State Canine for a new Explosive/Patrol K9. I left with an awesome new partner (Kai) and new friends for life (Dave and Shelly). They take care of you like family while you are there and offer so much more than solid K9 training.
    Sgt. Matt Cousins Bristol Police Dept. Tennessee

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