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When it comes to starting or replacing your current police k9 training program, we understand that it is a decision that takes a great deal of consideration. We know there are many police canine facilities that say they offer only the best canines and training. At Tri-State Canine Services, we say the same thing. The difference between us and other police canine facilities is that the success of our handlers and police service dogs speaks for itself. We are a trusted police canine facility with proven results.

At Tri-State Canine Services, we are proud to say we have trained and sold police canines that are in use today by local police agencies, U.S. Military Special Forces, TSA, FBI, and US contractors. We have also supplied canines for overseas deployment in Iraq and Afghanistan. Our canines are being used for narcotic, cadaver, explosive detection, and patrol-related services.

Agencies that wish to use our training services for their next police canines can be assured that we expose each handler to as much hands-on training as we can.  This "real-life" experience is necessary to properly educate the individual. All of our police dogs are also trained prior to use in our handler's course. This allows everyone to focus on the handler's learning and how to work his/ her new police k9.

To ensure optimal learning, we limit the number of students to six per class. This allows each student plenty of hands-on training with limited down time. We customize each course to work with the pace of the handler. We prepare the officer to deal with the mental challenges they will face in the field - gaining confidence in the dog, finding a higher ability as a team and identifying problems.

Our police canine training curriculum is approved by the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy for both single and dual-purpose police canines. We train and certify canines that are used for narcotic, cadaver, and explosive detection, patrol, tracking, evidence/article search, building and area searches.

Our Courses

We offer the following police canine training courses that are approved through the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy:

  • 3 Week Single Purpose Detection Course

  • 5 Week Dual Purpose, Patrol and Detection Handler's Course

  • K9 Trainers Course, 5 & 12 weeks.

  • Call for 2015 classes 

 All canines are capable of passing any national certification. 

What Clients Have to Say

"The San Juan Police Department in Puerto Rico is very satisfied with the work of Tri-State Canine Services. Our canine unit was just recently created and their assistance in training our staff has been extremely vital in properly managing our operations. The follow up we received after the sale and transportation of our dogs to Puerto Rico has made a huge impact. Dave's visits to see us and his constant communication show his commitment to the success of his clients. He has established a feeling of brotherhood, despite our location and language barriers. His commitment to our K9 unit has gone beyond just selling good dogs. However, his warranties ensure our investment. We are very pleased with Dave Blosser and Tri-State Canine Services."

- Sgt. A. Rosa 5-919
San Juan Police Department
San Juan, Puerto Rico

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