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Proper decoy work is essential to having a well trained police dog that is confident in all phases. Everyone thinks anyone can just put a sleeve or suit on and takes bites, this will only hurt your dog in time. We teach the officer/s whether they are handlers or within the their departments K9 unit the basic understanding on proper decoy work.

We teach not only how to work the dog but use these same skills taught and how to apply them during their monthly training. These skills need to be understood and taught to all individuals that assist you in the bite work. Developing proper skills for this work  is critical. Remember, these are police dogs. Our police dogs and handlers work and train day and night.

If you question your dogs TRUE ability on whether or not he / she will engage a suspect while working the road, for real. Then maybe its time you did something before you get yourself hurt or another officers.

You can only gain success but committing yourself to what your dog lacks. Call today!

Train Hard! 

Our police dog decoy training services started with basic concepts in the canine sport work of Schutzhund. Since then, they have evolved. Our experiences traveling to Europe and assisting in decoy work at the KNPV clubs in Holland, has allowed me to create my own combination of styles and philosophies that are the perfect match for all your decoy service needed in police work.

We work with the team/s and structure the training to teach them how to have better dogs for the road, a dog they can trust, NOT question it's capability. Think about it, do you question your dog? 

In today’s world, you need instructors that can offer solutions to problems, not just simply pick up the trained dogs from the airport. Let us help you see what you have been missing. We can accommodate various group sizes and customize lesson plans so your helpers can better your team’s street performance.

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Decoy Training
Our hands on decoy training covers:
  • K9 evaluation
  • Import vs. non-imported dogs
  • Proper equipment usage
  • Theory on what drive is the dog working in
  • Muzzle work
  • Animation - yell, scream, passive
  • Agitation - sticks and whips, let's evaluate
  • Threshold - how long is too long?
  • Building blocks on progress to a stronger dog
  • Putting what you learned into your training program
  • Proper handling while the decoy is making the dog stronger
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