Are you looking for a high quality aluminum K9 crate?

Tri-State Canine Services offers hand fabricated, high quality aluminum K9 crates and containers that are second to none. Our crates have a complete tubular frame construction that is lightweight, yet sturdy and strong enough for even the hardest working dog! Better yet, our crates are extremely affordable!

Dog lovers all over the USA, Middle East, and Europe have used our aluminum crates and are extremely satisfied with their quality. These groups include sport dog enthusiasts, local law enforcement, private security companies, zoo's and government agencies.

We custom make each crate here at TSCS! 

We offer four standard sizes:
Large: 21w x 26h x 34L -(35lbs)  $450.00 
X-Large: 24w x 30h x 38L -(45lbs) $550.00
Super: 28w x 35h x 42L - (60lbs) $785.00
SUV Style: 45w x 32d x 33h (70lbs)  $885.00
Custom sizes - Call 330-501-3816 for pricing

Additional options:
Added extra door - $75.00
Aluminum tread plate - $135.00 for XL
Grab Handles - $30.00

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Aluminum K9 Crates and Containers from TSCS

What Clients Have to Say

"You did a great job on my kennel. All the guys at work are jealous. It is a piece of art...Thanks for everything." 

 - William Perazzo
NYPD K9 Unit, New York, NY


"The container showed up yesterday. It looks and fits great. I am very happy with it."

- Doug Lightfoot
National Security Agency, Portland, OR


"...Your crates rock. Every day I come home to a calm and secure dog. With the crate, training, and exercise, Rolph has become a totally different dog. Your crate has been a life saver. The destructive dog who could destroy anything, or so I thought, is very safe in your crate. He doesn’t even try to get out anymore, as far as I can tell. Not to mention it is a beautiful piece of craftsmanship. I have already recommended your crates to my trainer, and adoption group, and a friend."

- Jason Finley
Milton, WA


"The crates are working awesome!  No problems at all.  Thank you very much!"

 - Ryan White


"The crate arrived in perfect condition.  Please add our Office to your list of satisfied customers."

- Gregory Stone
Falls Church Sheriff's Office, Alexandria, VA


"I am very pleased. This is top quality work. Dave was a pleasure to deal with and many police departments use his crates to contain tough hard police dogs. In my dealings with him for the crate, he is a quality individual, which these days is not always the case."

- DR Clifford Glade
Islamorada, FL

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