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During your instructional course you will get to experience our various training areas locally and abroad. With our 8,000 square feet indoor training facility we are very confident that we can offer handlers the best training available today. We are set up to work in real life environments and train day and night. We want to make the education as close to reality as possible so you are fully prepared for the real work when you return home. We can train everywhere from a mall, college campuses, buses, airplanes and real life homes that we as officers will general search. We utilize multi-level buildings to simulate multiple floor searches for training in apprehension and detection work. We also have hundreds of acres around our facility for tracking and outside search work. Everything we do during our course is to provide you - the new handler - as much training exposure as possible. When you return home for duty, you will be successful ... just like all of our past students have been.

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