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Tri-State Canine Services is located in Warren, Ohio. The We have been providing police canines and handler training courses to law enforcement and private security contractors since 2001.

Tri-State Canine Services  is owned and operated by Dave Blosser, a skilled trainer of working police canines. Dave started his career with canines as a sports dog enthusiast in 1993. During that time, Dave was a certified welder. He became very involved with local law enforcement agencies in his surrounding area and served as a decoy for the dogs during monthly training. Since then, Dave has become a law enforcement officer; he is also the police K9 handler for his department. He continues to use his welding skills to fabricate custom aluminum K9 crates that are superior in the industry. As a trainer Dave has been contracted  to be a guest instructor with other companies to oversee their training classes which involved new handlers utilizing canines for Explosives, Narcotics, Cadaver and Patrol. Some of these students where from local police agencies, US Contractors and NSA.  


The company is certified through the Ohio Peace Officer Training AcademyOhio PharmacyATF and DEA. Tri-State Canine Services is also listed and registered with DUNNS and CCR for any canine contract work provided to the US Government. Our police canines and training will meet any state or national K9 certification.

While experiencing progressive growth, Tri-State Canine Services is focused on providing quality service to the customer and this is shown through our reference list. Our training services are proven by the results of our canine teams and we strive to make a difference in the way working dogs should be used today. Learn more about us by contacting us today.

What Clients Have To Say

"....my first and foremost responsibility is to ensure the health , safety and welfare of our students...Dave's services were very professional, well disciplined and provided the services that we were expecting...."

-Andrew J. Tommelleo
 Prinicipal, Shenango High School

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Valley man preps dogs
for police work

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